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Crab Feeds

All-You-Can-Eat Crab Feed!  Dungeness Crab, Pasta, Green Salad and French Bread! A delicious and super fun event that can help your organization raise thousands of dollars in just one night!

Freshness and quality are what we value most and it’s for good reason. When your guests come to enjoy a fun dining experience like a crab feed they are primarily there to support the organization but they also want high quality food. We ensure that your guests will return year after year because they are getting the best quality, taste and experience and year after year a successful fundraiser for your organization! Marinade is a great compliment to the crab and we have been told ours is the best around. You can choose to have none, part or all of the crab marinated for the dinner. We recommend 3 pounds [whole weight] of crab per person, priced by the pound. Pasta, green salad and French bread along with coffee, paper plates, napkins, plastic ware and table covering for all guests are priced per person. Call us today to get started planning your Crab Feed Fundraiser to earn thousands of dollars while having a great time!                              
                                                                 (209) 948-5808